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Should you decide to entrust your cardiac care with me, I would be delighted. I have been in private practice in South Florida for over 20 years. I take great pride in being regarded by my peers as a knowledgeable physician. However, what most gratifies and motivates me is being held in high regard by my patients.
As a patient in my practice,  you will be treated with respect and consideration. There are many excellent cardiologists in South Florida, but finding one who is well-qualified, knowledgeable, and respectful of your time is less certain. Unlike many cardiologists who pack in 30-40 patients daily, I limit the number of patients I see daily.  During your visit with me, you can discuss your treatment plan, testing, and medications without feeling rushed. After your visit, you will leave the office feeling that your trip to see me was well worth your time.  You can expect to see me as one of my patients for each visit.  There is no uncertainty about who will see you during your visit. In my practice, patients do not leave wishing it had been the doctor rather than the nurse practitioner or physician's assistant answering their questions.  Please make an appointment and experience why many patients refer their friends and family members.
My office is located in the Medical Office Pavilion at Mount Sinai Hospital, the premier institute for cardiac care in South Florida. It is easily accessible from anywhere in South Florida. Upon entering the office, you will be greeted by friendly staff eager to serve. I offer the latest technology, including in-house cardiac testing, on-site blood draws, and electronic medical records with a patient portal.  
Under appropriate conditions, HIPPA-compliant, secure web-based Telehealth virtual consultations are available.
I offer reasonably competitive pricing for patients without insurance while delivering excellent care.
Please look closely at the rest of my web page to see how you can benefit from choosing me as your cardiologist. I would love the opportunity to hear from you. 


Conditions Treated

Cardiac arrhythmia


artery disease

Periphearal vascular disease

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